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KOSHER & HALAL Certification - 2023/2024

Having a factory that is Kosher and Halal certified means that the facility and the processes involved in producing the biscuits adhere to the specific guidelines and requirements of both Kosher and Halal dietary practices. These certifications ensure that the ingredients used, as well as the manufacturing processes, meet the strict standards set forth by the respective certification authorities.

For Kosher certification, it means that the ingredients used in the biscuits, as well as the equipment and utensils used in the manufacturing process, comply with Jewish dietary laws. This includes requirements such as using Kosher ingredients and following specific rituals during the production process.

On the other hand, Halal certification ensures that the biscuits are produced in accordance with Islamic dietary laws. This involves using halal ingredients and ensuring that the manufacturing processes align with the principles of cleanliness, hygiene, and ethics as prescribed by Islamic guidelines.

By having a Kosher and Halal certified factory, it signifies that Bags of Bites is committed to providing products that meet the dietary preferences and requirements of individuals who follow these practices. It demonstrates a dedication to inclusivity and respect for diverse cultural and religious backgrounds, allowing a wider audience to enjoy the biscuits with confidence in their compliance with Kosher and Halal standards.
Both logos are presented on our packaging.