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Bob Kiddies Bites

Designed in collaboration with Paediatric DIETICIAN IN NUTRITION - Kath Megaw

Bags of Bites teamed up with Kath Megaw one of South Africa’s leading Paediatric dietitians to produce a unique brand of kids biscuits.
With over 23 years in paediatric practice, Kath Megaw noticed that parents were always at a loss for healthy and nutritious snacks.
Together with the Bags of Bites development team they came up with a range of nutritious functional and yummy biscuits.
The team found ways to incorporate beetroot, carrot, pumpkin, sweet potato and even spinach in a range of delicious biscuits. 5 different flavours to be exact.

 There are 5 key features that set these biscuits apart.


  • They don’t contain any preservatives, additives or refined sugars.


  • They cover the 5 a day rule for eating fruit and veggies. Each one of the biscuits in the range has a fruit and/or veggie incorporated into the recipe. Which covers the five colours of natures table. Thus it’s a wonderful way to encourage children to eat their colours.


  • By incorporating veggies in a delicious biscuit it will help train little taste buds to enjoy more diverse flavours without them even knowing.


  • Vegan protein has been added to increase the protein profile of each biscuit ensuring it helps meet the little ones daily protein requirements.


  • The addition of specific soluble fibre rich ingredients like oats, sunflower, chia and flax seeds will help to prevent or potentially alleviate symptoms of functional constipation.


So adding a biscuit or two to a lunch box or afternoon snack will not only satisfy treat cravings but will boost nutritional intake for the day. And the best is that they are vegan and wheat free which means children with cows milk and wheat allergies can enjoy these delicious treats