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Home Sweet Home

In a time where so little is truly hand-made anymore, "Bags of Bites" takes a fresh, new approach to home baking. Using treasured recipes that we have lovingly perfected over the years, we bring you a range of delicious home-baked treats that include biscotti, rusks, biscuits, crunchies and much more.

Our approach is simple. We take only the finest ingredients, then we blend them with caring hands to make a range of delicious products that will not only excite you but totally delight you. Once you’ve tried our treats, you’ll find that they taste even better than they look.

"Baking to me is about feeling good and I believe that things that are a joy to bake are a joy to eat."
- Karen Jossel

About Us

It was about 14 years ago, when I discovered that baking was undoubtedly my passion. I have always believed that the most thoughtful gifts are homemade, particularly if they are edible and delicious. This is how I began baking delicious delights for friends as gifts and packaging them simply but always attractively. This idea was an instant success and I was encouraged to expand by making my products individually and this has led me to where I am today.

Our Mission

Bags of Bites is a small family run labour of love that began in Karen's kitchen. The very recipes we use are our own personal family favourites. Each one has been tried and tested until we felt that they were just perfect. What's more, we carefully make all of our batters in small batches to ensure the finest results possible.

Since our biscuits are rolled and cut by hand, you'll find that no two are alike. To assure you of exceptional quality we use only the freshest ingredients available. We believe that real ingredients make a real difference. Let's see if you agree - the proof is in the tasting. Dunkers beware - They are addictive! Naturally, our biscuits are good at any time of the day and they are sure to be the perfect companion to your favourite coffee, espresso, cappuccino or dessert wine.

We hope you enjoy eating our treats as much as we have enjoyed baking them for you.